What is a Personal Real Estate Shopper??

It is a specialized REAL ESTATE ADVISOR and always positioned on the side of the BUYER or INVESTOR. We defend exclusively and decisively the interests of our client when searching, selecting and buying a property.

In Salas Real-State-Personal Shopper we accompany our client – Companies or Individuals – in the purchase of any real estate assets; Searching, negotiating and closing always the best option for the client.

Technical and Commercial Advice in the whole purchase and after-sale process

We advise technically and commercially throughout the purchase process to our customers. We perform POST-SALE PROCESSING that requires any real estate transaction: investment, expansion, housing, business space, etc.
We are not a real estate agency so we do not have any real estate product in our database. We carry out a CUSTOMIZED SERVICE from all the necessary resources through all available channels, accessing 100% of the real estate market offer in the area suited to the needs and priorities of our clients.

Benefits of our Personal Shopper Real Estate Service

  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Without worries
  • No conflict of interest

We know your needs and priorities

Our first objective is to KNOW and UNDERSTAND your real estate project. First we ORGANIZE a personal meeting with the CLIENT to identify your needs, priorities, guidelines that we must follow and the characteristics of the property that you want to acquire.

What do we need to know?

  • The type of property you need
  • The location of it.
  • Preferences about new or second hand
  • Specs of interest as terrace, garden or pool, number of rooms, bathrooms, with parking, facilities of the area …
  • The budget you have for this operation.

Working Method

1. We select and visit the properties according to the indications and needs of the client. We search properties through all available channels, select and visit previously the properties that best fit your needs and expectations

2. We send a report to the client of the properties visited and selected previously.

3. Visit the properties selected with the client

4. We prepare a technical report

5. We negotiate the selling price

6. Check the writing draft

7. We advise you on the post-sale procedures

Customized building service

Our clients can count on our technical department for WORKS OF REFORM or adaptation of their houses and development of projects of new works of luxury villas, houses and chalets.

Specialized and qualified technical team

We have a highly qualified technical team (Architect, Technical Architect, Decorator and Interior Designer, Gardener, etc.) who will thoroughly study all your proposals, finding the best design adapted to your needs.


You state your ideas and preferences.

At Salas Real-Estate we take care of everything:

Search for building land on the Costa Blanca

We look for the land in the locality that you have chosen, as long as it is located within the Costa Blanca.

Project development

Selection of the most appropriate materials for the type of construction, always respecting the budget and maximizing prices.
We advise you on the whole distribution of the house both indoors and outdoors.
Our decorators will offer you the best design based on your tastes and needs.

Completion of the work together and key in hand

We are an avant-garde company that uses the latest techniques, ranging from the study of the project to the completion of it.

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