Salas Real-Estate Personal shopper. Our more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector; Our knowledge of the Alicante market and our desire for RENEWAL, TRAINING and ENTREPRENEURSHIP makes us offer you a complete, professional and personalized SERVICE. Always working on the side of YOU.

Know the advantages of PERSONAL SHOPPER in the real estate sector. We leave behind the traditional BUYER / SELLER conflict of interest that traditional real estate has. At Salas Real-Estate we directly and personally accompany our clients in the search and purchase process of any real estate assets (housing or commercial premises).

WHAT WE DIFFERENTIATE. Our customer is the BUYER. We are always in your side We do not have stock of flats or premises. Our fees are not based on a percentage over the final price of the transaction. Our service is based on finding the property that the client needs and always the best option for them.

Our Objectives as

Offer a complete, professional and personalized SERVICE to the REAL ESTATE COSTUMER. Always in pursuit and working for their interests, needs and objectives.

ACT AS CONSULTANT TO all types of real estate and property transactions of our CLIENTS, mainly investors and private buyers and companies.

WE ACCOMPANY OUR customer throughout the purchase process. We always act with ETHICAL and PROFESSIONAL CRITERION. We help you to satisfy your needs and reach all expectations of our clients.

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